RO, UV or UF complete Water Purifier guide for Home & Office

Can Covid-19 spread through drinking water?

It seems like the coronavirus may be able to survive in water for a few days; chances are for a week too. There’s not a clear picture about this, but surviving in water doesn’t mean it could make you infected. A study published in 2009 found that two viruses, similar to SARS virus, could survive up to days and weeks inside the water. According to the University of North Carolina team, the study concluded that “coronaviruses can remain infectious for long periods in water and pasteurized settle sewage, hinting towards contaminated water can be a potential medium for human Covid-19 spread”.

Regardless, the results from both studies do suggest that the virus can survive for a little while in the water, which initially may cause you to wet yourself. But Neither of both studies showed that you could actually get infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus from water under the conditions that you’d usually be exposed to water. That means drinking or swimming. The great thing about the water in covid-19 time is that water dilutes things, and the covid-19 can’t get enough of concentration to become a thread of spreading the virus among the masses.

So, what can infect you with COVID-19?

Not the water, the most vulnerable method is coughing, sneezing, face-rubbing with an infected person. People often touch some everyday things like chairs, doors, elevator buttons, etc. So the most important thing to follow is social distance and sanitizing your hand several times a day.

But water can cause you .another disease.

 If your water is not filtered and you are directly consuming your drinking water from its source. There is a massive risk of getting sick. The water is filtered and processed through municipal Corporation industrial filters. But there is a snitch here the pipeline and the Tank you Housing society store the water. You can get perfect tank cleaning for your Society at Bluejet water technology Navi Mumbai.

For safe drinking water at home or commercial place, you need a water purifier that comes with best in class technology and functionality. This type of water purifier should handle various difficulties.

The water purifiers function with the help of a variety of methods and technologies such as treatment with Ultraviolet light, gravity filtration, Reverse Osmosis (RO), alkaline technology, ultrafiltration, and activated carbon. Home use water purifiers can range from simple water purifiers to technology-based, such as ultra-violet lamp filters, sediment filters, and hybrid filters.

Choosing the right filter for your home or commercial place.

Depending upon the usage and the filter technology, there are numerous options to buy a water purifier. Some of the best water purifier by Bluejet water technology at Navi Mumbai are:

1. Aqua Fresh Nova

A UV purification technology water purifier that is made up of Food grade, Non-breakable ABS Plastic Construction. A UV water purifier with three stages of purifications.

2. Aqua touch

A combination of RO + UV + TDS control RO water purifier for your home and office. It comes with a storage of 8 liters and six total stages of purification. 

3. Aqua Grand star

Blend of taste Aqua Grand star is a RO + UV + TDS adjustable mineral water purifier that can store up to 12 liters of water with an Automatic feature, and a purification stage is up to seven steps. Best purifier for home & office.

4. Aqua Circle

With the RO + UV + TDS adjusted with minerals technology. The RO water purifier comes with a specialized design 0.0001- micron technology RO Membrane developed by Bluejet water technology. The water purifier comes with a storage of 12 liters and seven stages of purifications.

5. Under Sink RO 

A double purification system with UF + RO + TDS adjustable with minerals. Capable of handling supply from most sources of water purification. It has RO membrane 0.0001-micron technology developed by BARC. Govt of India. The water purifier has stages of purification about six stages and the capacity to purify water is about 9000 liter.

Bluejet water technology provides a RO membrane of 0.0001-micron technology for its featured water purifier for your home and office. This Water purifier company had specialized AMC service for locations such as Kopar khairane, Sanpada, MIDC Turbhe, Ghansoli, CBD Belapur, Airoli, and Vashi.