Keep Covid-19 Disease away from your Floor.

How to keep your Floor virus-free

Floors in your residential area as well as commercial areas are tiles and can be highly contaminated. The germs and viruses spread and stay on a variety of flooring surfaces for an extended length of time; people who use this floor regularly are mostly to expose and spread different diseases.

Common Bacteria

One of the most common bacteria is Salmonella. Salmonella is usually found where the area is contaminated because of the trash. Salmonella bacteria is not easy to get rid of. To remove this type of bacteria is spraying antiseptic chemicals with high-pressure cleaning.

People travel from place to place carrying dirt and residue beneath their shoes. This dirt can be harmful and easily transported from one person to many persons.

A germ that lingers on a floor in a housing society or a corporate place originating from food spills and trash bags. Germs are impossible to see through naked eyes. Therefore, having a small or massive outbreak of germs is unrecognizable to us. An embryo in a million quantities can target your body skin, eyes and other delicate parts. Most vulnerable is the kid group of 1 to 5 age.

Another harmful disease is cholera that spread through a bacterial strand mix with dirty water. Cholera can quickly be soaked on a concrete floor and can cause watery diarrhea, dry mouth, vomit and stomach pain.

The most dreadful disease in the year 2020 is the COVID-19. The coronavirus virus can be distributed through sneezing, coughing, talking and physical contact. The lifecycle of the virus is dependent upon humidity, temperature and the porosity of the surface hosting the virus. As there is not much information about the coronavirus lifespan, it is necessary to clean and maintain proper floor hygiene.

COVID-19 At workplace

Floor cleaning in the office and other commercials is done on a regular basis. Still, in the midst of lockdown and Authorities guidelines to restrict lockdown for several days, these places are unchecked and exposed to harmful germs & viruses.

A dirty floor can be costly.

For any business and industry process, floor cleaning should be essential with other cleaning practices. Avoiding floor cleaning can harm your business in one way or the other.

An unclean work environment can result in

  • Damaging the brand image.
  • Affect employee health
  • Cause construction cost
  • An invitation to the penalty and legal notice.


In this pandemic year, most of the service, such as cleaning, was performed by yourself only.

But Cleaning your housing society floor is not a piece of cake. Although there are many DIY cleaning methods cleaning, requires a disciple process. Get a service near Navi Mumbai by jet cleaning company Bluejt water technology.


Standard methods of floor cleaning

Floor cleaning by itself can be done using home equipment such as mop, scrub, cleaning solution etc.

Procedure for Floor cleaning DIY:

  • Using a broom, remove all the debris thrown or keep in a corner.
  • Hold a mop and wet the mop with cleaning liquid push backward and forward.
  • Use a small dust mop for an obstructed area in the Floor or Staircase.
  • Start from one point to endpoint for floor cleaning.
  • Previously remove all obstacle cars, bikes etc.
  • After some time cleaning and changing the mops head.
  • Using a cleaning machine, carefully remove all the debris to avoid damaging the engine.


Following a proper step feels easy and affordable, but it may have left some significant and deep cleaning on the floor. Living at or near Kopar khairane, Airoli, Sanpada, Ghansoli, MIDC turbhe, CBD Belapur and Vashi try Jet cleaning by Bluejt water technology at your residential, commercial and industrial place.


Is Jet technology effective for floor cleaning?


High-pressure jet wash cleaning is a method of cleaning any hard surface through high-pressure water jet better than biological cleaning or chemical cleaning. Jet wash cleaning is cost-effective and deep clean the surface.


Benefits of Jet wash cleaning

  • The pressure of jet wash cleaning can easily be adjusted and work as per the applications.
  • High-pressure water jet cleaning will avoid secondary pollution.
  • It is easy to clean on a different shape, size structure, a narrow and harsh environment.
  • Jet washing cleaning saves time.

Get high-quality jet wash cleaning service at Navi Mumbai. Keep all disease and dirt away from your resident and workplace.

A professional jet cleaning company Bluejet water technology you can get service that is

  • Professionally managed by staff managers.
  • Step by the step cleaning process.
  • Timely and tidy cleaning service.
  • Modern equipment for deep cleaning of any surfaces.
  • Specialize chemicals for removing bacteria and germs.
  • A properly equipped employee with a safety kit as well.


You can get quick and easy jet wash cleaning service at or near Navi Mumbai. For more information, visit the Bluejet water technology.