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Water Jet technology explains A complete guide for clean & hygiene surface.

Cleaning is a vital part of our day to day life. Our surrounding areas must be completely free of obstacles and dirt. Cleaning can help to remove all virus, bacteria stuck in our surrounding place. Sometimes the dirt is excessive on the surface, and it is not easy to remove by any means. Like the concrete floor, tank in your society or commercial place is contaminated through our daily usage.

According to scientific studies, many potential infectious bacteria, viruses, yeast, and molds can survive on the surface for a considerable amount. Any surface adds a new level of difficulty. A pathogen must come in contact with you for spreading and affecting your body. Germs can be easily found on a tank surface as water supply directly to your home can harm your family and health.

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Post COVID-19 time, your surrounding cleanliness matters more for you and your family. As the COVID-19, a disease that is most likely to spread from the infected person droplet on any surface, it will easily infect anyone in contact. Therefore, a regular sanitization of all the outside surfaces is necessary for hygiene & safety purposes.

Surface contamination is a serious issue in healthcare settings, where many people carry all sorts of gather, touch, and move along. Medical Science can point out the most likely risk from it.

Not only your living surrounding the industrial and commercial place can also be dangerous if not kept clean at a regular interval.

Removal of health hazards in industries

Unlike other cleaning methods utilized in the construction industry, such as sandblasting, high-pressure water jetting creates dust levels. Cleaning is essential for avoiding any harmful chemicals and other unwanted bacteria. 

How to clean the surrounding surface?

Any surface, tank, or other industrial regions normal wash with water & soap will not be effective and recommended. Instead, using high-pressure water jet cleaning can help to remove the dangerous contamination from your surroundings.

Can you do it yourself?

Getting jet technology equipment does not solve your cleaning problem. While using the equipment, many will underestimate the jet cleaning machine’s high pressure, resulting in the breaking of wood, denting of metal, etching lines, etc. There is also a safety issue because of hydro jet technology. Therefore, it’s best to book a service for jet cleaning.

There’s an art to do a jet cleaning. The spray jet cleaning service team is properly equipped and train to get the best cleaning job done in the market. The Bluejet water technologies jet cleaning service in Mumbai can provide a full pledge jet water cleaning for your Building or Commercial place.

Water tank cleaning by jet technology is also a very good method to keep the germs, bacteria, and viruses at bay from water’s daily usage. In industry, too, every tank can have various industrial use. Cleaning and maintaining these tanks are very important. Tank cleaning in industries helps prevent the stopping of business and helps remove harmful fumes and hazardous chemicals.

Jet washing cleaning is one of the best and water-saving methods of tank cleaning. For getting one of the best services which is affordable and time-saving connect with us.

How we provide jet cleaning service?

As you know, jet cleaning goes for various surfaces and tanks. The method for each is different. In surface cleaning such as the floor, staircase/lobby and terrace jet repetitive process are used whereas for tank cleaning specialized method is used for cleaning.

Tank cleaning by our jet cleaning service in Navi Mumbai can be divide as

Step 1: Cleaning the surrounding

 Pre-preparation of water tank cleaning through cloth and removal of all unwanted dirt and waste material.

Step2: De-watering of tank

With the help of the pump, removal of all water from inside the tank.

Step 3: using Jet technology 

With the help of a hydro-jet washing machine cleaning wall and base part of the tank setting the pressure at high levels.

Step 4: Disinfecting the tank with UV

Using UV lights to remove all the unseen bacteria and viruses inside the tank.

Step 5: Effective chemical for tank cleaning

Applying standard chemicals for tank cleaning and, if required, special chemicals for certain extreme tank conditions.

Step 6: Checking the tank

After all the cleaning process checking and analyzing the tank for quality check and better service.

Getting a jet cleaning service by a brand Bluejet water technology you can get benefits such as 

  • Bluejet water technology does cleaning, not just unclogging.
  • The jet cleaning service team works with accurate and consistent cleaning.
  • Cleaning services are more economical and effective.
  • They used the best-in-class jet cleaning tool and modern technology.
  • Bluejet water technology jet cleaning team is a skilled professional who knows how and what to do when it comes to tough cleaning for any surface.

If you want to choose a jet cleaning service in Koperkhairane, CBD Belapur, Sanpada. Airoli, MIDC Turbhe, and Vashi. Consider Bluejet Water technology that provides the best jet cleaning service in Navi Mumbai. Cleaning can help you achieve a better lifestyle. Don’t wait for anything. Get in touch today for a high-pressure jet cleaning service in Navi Mumbai.