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Why BlueJet?

We provide best water purifiers in Navi Mumbai & suburbs region. our water purifiers come  with UV+UF+TDS technology to provide safe drinking water.

Swimming Pool Filtration System

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Have you ever thought about how the pool water doesn’t get dirty? Even if so many people use the swimming pool. Well, the answer is water management. With the help of the swimming pool filtration system, the water gets effectively circulated to ensure the people’s water is regularly cleaned and treated before coming back to the pool.

When we are in a pool, our body tends to absorb large amounts of water through the skin. Its is an essential part to reduce dirt and other harmful substances in pools as much as possible. This can only be possible through the filtration process.

There are three types of filter

  1. Sand
  2. Cartridge
  3. Diatomaceous earth filters

Sand filters

These types of filters are most popular because of the ease of operation, effectiveness, and low maintenance cover. A sand filter function by routing the pool water through a sand-filled pressure vessel.The removal of particle size down to 25 microns. However, once this filter fills up, it will need to be backwashed and after some time the filter’s media will need to be replaced to assure water clarity and proper filtration.

Cartridge filters

The cartridge filter design helps to capture dirt and debris that is held on by a knob or clamp. This filtration is ideal for smaller pools and spas and utilizes a fabric filter that removes small particles from a pool. These filters can last for many years if they’re cleaned regularly and pools and spas won’t require backwashing thus eliminating the excess of water waste

DE filters

An expensive filter for a swimming pool consists of tiny sponge-like material that filters up to remove an amazing job removing dirt and debris from pool water. DE uses less pumping power to keep the filter working properly. It requires backwashing, which can reduce the water level and the DE filter media can easily be replaced by trained pool man professionals.

With great insight into pool filtration. Blujet water technologies provide an excellent Swimming pool filter which is reliable and low maintenance.

Features of the swimming pool filtration:

  • Comes with top diffuser ensures even distribution of water the top of the sand bed
  • Handle large pressure sand/water drain for rapid winterizing or servicing
  • Made with dependable and non-corrosive and suitable for all-weather performance
  • UV resist tank to survive harsh sunlight conditions.
  • Capacity range 6000 – 50000LPH

Blue Jet water technologies here to cater to all your water solutions. Connect with us to get you to customize swimming pool filtration for your own space or commercial space.

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