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Why BlueJet?

We provide best water purifiers in Navi Mumbai & suburbs region. our water purifiers come  with UV+UF+TDS technology to provide safe drinking water.


Customer Rating:

A chiller machine is a machine to remove heat from the liquid. The liquid left behind the heat removal process can be used to cool equipment on circulating through a heat exchanger. Bluejet Technologies has the best chillers in terms of built quality and function. Our industry chillers come as a complete packaged unit that can simply be dropped in place and turned on. You can rely on us to provide a safe and custom solution for any industrial cooling application. Our industrial chillers use in a variety of industry such as

  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals and chemicals
  • Commercial printing
  • Metal finishing
  • Baking & plastic industry

Why do you need a chiller?

The chiller can add up the cost of water, if process equipment runs several times a day when it is replaced for consumable city water you can save a significant amount of money. Bluejet technologies provide you with the best chillers for industrial and commercial purposes. The chiller can come in a variety of forms ranging from 2 ton to 20 ton.

Why Bluejet Chillers?

We provide robust products and engineered solutions to maximize your productivity and bottom line. Our high-quality industrial chillers are reliable and durable and you’ll quickly be able to discover the change in your industrial productivity.

Reason to Choose us for industrial chillers:
  • 10 + years of experience
  • Long-lasting uptime.
  • Tight temperature control of +/-1
  • Robust products and service
  • Short lead times.

Key Features

Free Shipping

EMI Option Available

15 Days Money Back Guarantee

Free Demo

Service Within 48 Hrs

Free Installation