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Why BlueJet?

We provide best water purifiers in Navi Mumbai & suburbs region. our water purifiers come  with UV+UF+TDS technology to provide safe drinking water.

Turnkey based package drinking water with BIS certificate

Customer Rating:

Our Bluejet water technologies provide turnkey package drinking water solutions with BIS certificate and quality of the product as per the industry norms and government guidelines. Well, design and customized water plants for various source water applications. We are experts in delivering turnkey projects some of the features of the machinery are:

  • A complete user-friendly experience of the machinery
  • The structure with a commendable strength
  • As per you need you to get a compact design
  • Convenient maintenance and repair.
  • Using the latest technologies in packaged drinking water plants.

Different parts of the turnkey package drinking water project:

  • RO plant: Industrial RO plant with a capacity of 250 LPH to 30000 LPH and even higher capacity
  • Bottle rising filling: Automatic bottle rinsing, filling, and capping machine with24 BPM to 120 BPM.
  • Jar washing, filling: Automatic 20 liter jar washing, filling and capping machine with capacity 100 JPH to 450 JPH and higher range.
  • Pouch packing machine: For milk, buttermilk, water) we provide a machine with a volume of 100 ml to 500 ml.
  • A water Ozonator to kill all parasites, bacteria and remove bad taste chlorine and odors in water.
  • A UV protection to avoid fungal & bacteria formation in line.
  • Jet Washing & capping machine to fill 3 – 20 gallons of water jars.

At Bluejet Water Solution, our water plant professionals are experts in installing and maintaining these water plants. We are known for our package drinking water plants and our services as compared to others we serve best to our clients. For the water packaging and bottling business, we cost-effectively provide a technical dimension. We use the best quality of raw materials and the latest technology to go hand in hand with your water or other water-related business.

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