Tank Cleaning

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With the help of jet technology, we clean tanks for societies, Commercial buildings, and other buildings. The jet cleaning process is an in-depth process for tank cleaning. For domestic tank cleaning and commercial tank cleaning, we follow a set of protocols and conduct a quality test for each step.

Our water tank cleaning services:

  • First, we check the condition of the tank and analyze the tank’s inner wall and base.
  • We use jet technology to clean the inner surface of the tank, the pressure is set to 150
  • After using jet technology depending on the condition we use any one of the chemicals which helps to remove all the unwanted particles inside the tank, The chemicals are  Potassium permanganate, Chlorine, and Bionil-c.
  • The Bionil-C is a specialized & premium chemical for water sanitizing and killing all bacteria.
  • We also use UV light to kill all the hidden germs which are invisible from our naked eye.
  • After cleaning we also check the water quality to ensure if the tank is clean and safe for drinking.

Our team works with a deadline and gives successful results. The goal of our work is to provide customer satisfaction and a smooth tank cleaning service for our customers.



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Why BlueJet?

We provide best water purifiers in Navi Mumbai & suburbs region. our water purifiers come  with UV+UF+TDS technology to provide safe drinking water.